Need A Fast And Easy Way To Check For Broken Links?

Among the numerous mind-numbing tasks related to maintaining online content is checking a page for broken links. Fortunately, there are some developer tricks I can share that will help you cut this task down to size. Although you can employ the services of a fee based provider that will check entire sites for broken links (which you should do once a season), there are a number of free options available in the form of browser extensions, plugins, and add-ons you can use which will accomplish the same goal. For Chrome users, the … Read more

How To Create A “Dark Post” On Facebook

How To Create A “Dark Post” On Facebook

Updated on December 19, 2016 Have you ever experimented with so-called “dark posts” on Facebook?  A dark post (also called an unpublished post) is a post that doesn’t show up on your page but can be promoted through an advertising campaign. Dark posts can be really handy when you want to reach out to specific groups of people but not clutter your page with too much varying content.  Some examples of how you could use dark posts as a part of your Facebook marketing might be: To run a companion campaign for your … Read more

Digital Marketing For Arts Organizations

Digital Advertising For Arts Organizations

As the President of Capacity Interactive, a digital marketing consulting firm for the cultural sector, I speak with hundreds of arts marketers every year about their digital advertising. This includes marketers from organizations of all sizes and genres, from museums to ballet companies, theaters to orchestras.  At Capacity we publish an annual benchmark study looking at the digital marketing practices of the sector and work directly with over 100 arts organizations on their digital efforts. Here is what I believe a digitally-evolved arts organization should look like when it comes to digital … Read more

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