Prospective Contributor FAQ

Many thanks for taking an interest in becoming an ArtsHacker contributor! Please take a moment to review the following material in order to have a clear picture of contributor expectations and the type of content we publish.

What Type Of Content Will ArtsHacker Provide?

The site functions much like in that there will be two primary types of posts:

  1. Original content: articles will be generated especially for ArtsHacker and will focus on nuts and bolts practical application of getting stuff done. Here is a comparative example at Lifehacker:  How to Store Food Properly in the Freezer and Fridge
  2. Aggregated content: this content will include reference to material elsewhere you come across during your online travels. Although very straightforward, it will need to be something more than just “hey, look at this” and have some original content that helps the reader understand how and why it ties into arts management. Lifehacker examples: This Infographic Shows You How to Organize Your Fridge and This Infographic Gives You Substitutes for Common Ingredients

We also encourage you to review ArtsHacker’s existing content to help clarify both types of content.

How Often Are Contributors Expected To Publish?

Each contributor must agree to the following requirements:

  1. No less than one piece of original content every two months.
  2. No less than one aggregated contribution per week.

Note: Since nothing is going to really be time sensitive, you can deliver several contributions at once, which will be spread out accordingly over the publication schedule, all of that applies toward content expectations; in short, you can pay forward as much as you like and capitalize on productive areas via your individual work schedule. Having said that, this will all be flexible; for instance if you’re the kind of person who loves to crank out original content and you do one article a week, you certainly be exempt from the one aggregated post per week requirement.

Discussion Expectations:

  1. Simple: you can’t ignore the readers so you’ll be expected to answer questions posted via comments. You’ll get auto-email notices when readers post a comment plus all comments are moderated before they go live.
  2. You won’t have to deal with any trolls; that will be handled for you.

What’s In It For Me?!?!?

Good question, we maintain a robust contributor profile section that lists your areas of expertise, social contact info (if desired), bio, and if you are available for any individual training/tutorials. The latter item is something you’ll do entirely on your own and if you charge a fee and someone pays, it’s all yours. We also maintain a notice informing visitors that many contributors are available for individual consulting agreements.

Beyond that, you’ll get a boatload of direct editorial support.

What Is The Application Process Like?

Each candidate will go through three rounds

  1. Initial Round: Submit an “I’m interested in becoming a contributor” form below where you will list your areas of expertise, and let us know what you would like to write about and why.
  2. Semi Final Round: Submit two content examples for review; one original and one aggregated. They don’t need to be a polished, final draft and can even be an outline with a few paragraphs filled in, what we’re really looking for is to get to know how you write. Tip: make sure these are very nuts-and-bolts oriented and avoid flirting with conceptual or abstract ideas. We received a number of examples that focus on advice or mentorship style posts; although those are wonderful, it isn’t what ArtsHacker is all about.
  3. Final Round: you may be asked to submit one or more revisions, otherwise, this round won’t be necessary.

Ready To Begin?