Trust Is More Important To A Box Office Than Ticket Stock

Trust Is More Important To A Box Office Than Ticket Stock

30shares 1Share on Facebook 15Share on Twitter 8Share on LinkedIn 4 2It is often stated that front of house operations are among the most important for a performing arts entity because it is the first point of contact the general public has with the organization.  Front of House staff generally encompasses the ticket office, ushers, concessions/merchandising and activities related to them (valet parking, for example). It isn’t just a matter of public relations. Some of the front of house staff are also responsible for the safety of the audience in the event … Read more

Venue Security

One Crucial Item You Don’t Want To Forget About When Creating Bag Policies For Your Venue

52shares 18Share on Facebook 28Share on Twitter 3Share on LinkedIn 2 1When it comes to a performing arts venue’s security measures, it’s easy to see why there’s been a sharp uptick in concern over the past few years. I recall a session from the 2016 Arts Midwest Conference titled Venue Safety and Security: Protecting Public Assemblies in the 21st Century. There have been several similar sessions across the performing arts conference circuit and as a result, arts venues have been updating and refining their policies and procedures. Undoubtedly, we’re all better off as … Read more

How To Run A Museum (And Teach Others To As Well)

39shares 13Share on Facebook 19Share on Twitter 4Share on LinkedIn 2 1The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) website has a guide for running museums written by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The guide, Running A Museum: A Practical Handbook is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish as a basic primer for running any type of museum or historical site. It addresses all the basic concerns of museums including acquisition, storage, documentation, restoration, ethical questions, education, visitor management, employee management, facilities, security and disaster planning, … Read more

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