How Orchestras Can Use Influencer Marketing

38shares 3Share on Facebook 24Share on Twitter 2Share on LinkedIn 8 1 I recently had a discussion with a large group of artist managers at a top New York management firm about influencer marketing. I posed the question: Have you seen classical presenters using influencer marketing? Most of these managers were aged between late-millennial to Gen-X. None of them had seen this type of thing being done—not even at top presenters such as the major orchestras and opera houses. The age-range of these managers is important because “outside of classical music”, they are engaged … Read more

Try This Tip - Expand Your Audience

Try This Tip – Expand Your Audience

21shares 4Share on Facebook 14Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 2 0If you work for a small organization, here is an easy method to build up your website traffic. Using my preferred term, it’s an opportunity for you to build brand dimension—easily creating compelling content and getting eyeballs on your activity. (Preface: As most of you know, the more people you have coming to your website, the greater the opportunity to showcase your brand in an immersive experience. It allows you to sell tickets, provide valuable information, or simply entertain visitors. I recently … Read more

How To Find Your Brand Archetype

How To Find Your Brand Archetype

45shares 16Share on Facebook 20Share on Twitter 8Share on LinkedIn 0 1To enlarge a fan base and keep them interested, the artist needs to regularly pump out content that aligns with their branded archetype—providing additional facets to who they are. After all, the core of branding is distinguishing one from the masses—creating visual, aural, and emotional identity. Ask Questions Before content generation though, the archetype needs to be selected and be front and center in the artist’s mind and their staff’s minds (manager, publicist, etc.). An easy way to identify an artist’s … Read more

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