What Is A DUNS Number And Why Do I Need It?

18shares 1Share on Facebook 15Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 1 0If you have ever applied for a grant, especially from an entity or program receiving funds from the federal government, you have likely been asked to provide your organization’s DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number. You may also wonder why you need to set one up. A DUNS number has the same number of digits as your employer ID number (EIN).  If your organization doesn’t have one, you may also wonder why you need to call the company Dun & Bradstreet … Read more

How Good Of A Job Does Your Organization Do With Cybersecurity?

21shares 1Share on Facebook 20Share on Twitter 0Share on LinkedIn 0 0In the wake of the Marriott hotel security breach that exposed not only exposed personal information for their customers, but also passport numbers and credit card payment information, it’s worth mentioning that your organization should have several measures in place to handle threats and be prepared to react accordingly in the event of a breach. In a timely announcement, the Nonprofit Technology Network, in conjunction with Microsoft, polled more than 250 nonprofit organizations with an eye toward taking a base reading on … Read more

Common Deal Structures For Touring Groups

24shares 2Share on Facebook 20Share on Twitter 0Share on LinkedIn 2 0When it comes to paying touring performers, there are all sorts of deal that can be made. The payment terms on those deals can get pretty confusing. There are a number of resources available online that explain these agreements. One of the best I have found is a blog post on the site Making It With Chris G. Chris Goyzueta addresses a number of common deal structures and creates a YouTube video running through how each example is figured out. The … Read more

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