Free Resource Getting Started With Google Analytics

Free Resource: Getting Started With Google Analytics

Recently, fellow ArtsHacker, Ceci Dadisman, and I enjoyed giving a presentation to attendees of the Southeastern Theatre Conference 2018 Convention on how to use Google Analytics (GA) to make data-driven improvements to website content and layouts. The session was geared toward professionals just getting into GA. Content focused on using out-of-the-box GA features and simple to implement settings changes to provide access to must-have data. Simply put, if GA seems new and a little scary, this is exactly the place you need to go in order to begin building your skillsets. The session … Read more

Why That Popup You Want So Badly Is Likely Killing Your Search Rank

Why That Popup You Want So Badly Is Probably Hurting Your Search Rank

Rarely do I encounter a web client that doesn’t want some sort of popup to capture email addresses, push an advertisement, or serve up some sort of call to action. Often, the need is genuine but how they envision implementation often risks hurting their search ranking. Here’s what you need to know in order to get past that learning hurdle. Traditional popups tend to force web visitors to interact with the popup before they can begin to interact with site content by either completing the conversion goal or clicking past. In web … Read more

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Tracking Clickthroughs with Custom Links [2017]

Just over two years ago I posted about tracking clickthroughs with custom links made using a super simple tool provided by Google that integrates perfectly with Google Analytics. Since Google has recently updated their documentation it’s an excellent opportunity to bring it up again with the updated link, as it’s still as useful as ever! To recap: The Google URL builder helps you create custom URLs that allow you to track up to five parameters for each and every link you use, right in your GA account. It’s quite simple and might … Read more

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