(Re-Examining) Co-Leadership As An Organizational Model

(Re-Examining) Co-Leadership As An Organizational Model

Given the concerning lack of transition planning for leadership, there is increasing discussion about how general non-profits should adopt a shared leadership model, in some cases citing the example of the performing arts. In the meantime, many performing arts organizations have been moving in the opposite direction consolidating artistic and business management roles into a single person in order to save money. The performing arts model, as well as some of those suggested in the other articles I have linked to, tend to have the roles separated along right brain/left brain responsibilities … Read more

It's Cool to Say No to Features

It’s Cool To Say No To Features

The marketing guy was breathless with excitement. “This is going to be the killer feature!” he enthused. “Customers are totally clamoring for this thing, so if we can just get it into the next release, sales will skyrocket!” My role was “program manager,” which in some more primitive languages is translated as, “wet blanket” or “I hate that guy.” This role included owning the schedule and the feature list, so the product couldn’t have a new feature until I was sure it was sensible and achievable. Sometime later, I nixed the feature … Read more

Bid Solicitation Process Master It To Ignore It

Bid Solicitation Process: Master It To Ignore It

When you are engaging in a significant construction or renovation project, you are going to want to solicit competing bids for the work that needs to be done. Many blueprint companies can help you handle the bid solicitation process by hosting your plans and solicitation documents on their website. There are a number of reasons why you wouldn’t want to handle this phase of the process yourself. First of all, your staff would be faced with having to answer all requests for the bid materials and delivering them to the various parties … Read more

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