Most Personality Quizzes Are Junk Science. Here’s One from @FiveThirtyEight That Isn’t. Let’s See How Arts Admins Stack Up.

19shares 2Share on Facebook 16Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 0 0If you’re a data nerd then you almost certainly know about, statistician Nate Silver’s number-crunching hub of data goodness. Recently, they posted a personality quiz that purports to deliver results that produce quantifiably meaningful results. In addition to taking the quiz as an individual, it’s designed to allow users to add their score to a predefined peer group. To that end, I am all kinds of curious to see how Arts Administors stack up so take a moment to complete … Read more

Leveling Up Your WCAG Skills With Kontrast Chrome Extension

19shares 4Share on Facebook 14Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 0 0In November, 2018 we examined how you can move toward better web accessibility by focusing on improved color contrast. If you’re starting to get into a groove on those tasks, you probably realize the back-and-forth grind for checking colors can become a bit of a drag. Fortunately, there’s a Chrome extension designed for frontend developers that is so straightforward, anyone can use it. Since it’s baked right into the browser, you can conduct all your color contrast tasks right on the … Read more

Happy holidays From Everyone At ArtsHacker!

13shares 1Share on Facebook 12Share on Twitter 0Share on LinkedIn 0 0 Set autoresponders to stun! We hope everyone is able to enjoy some time for fun and relaxation with family and loved ones over the holiday season. During the break, take some time to peruse the topic index to brush up on some skills and reach out to let us know what you would like to see us write about in 2019.

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