How to Interact (or Not) with the Political Process

What is the difference between campaigning, lobbying, and advocating for a certain policy position and on which of them, if any, should a nonprofit arts organization spend time and resources? As always, consult an attorney for legal advice, an auditor for the reporting requirements, and take the following as a starting point to those conversations. Campaigning Campaigning, broadly, is an effort to influence voters in elections. This includes messaging for or against a particular candidate …

Chorus America Conference 2024 Review: A Tech Vendor’s Perspective

I found Eric Rubio’s review of the 2024 SphinxConnect conference remarkably helpful and it inspired me to do the same for the conferences I attend. But one twist is where Erik was an attendee, my perspective is from a vendor. As a first-time vendor from UpStage CRM at the 2024 Chorus America Conference, it was an eye-opening experience. Here’s a breakdown of my experience: Highlights Areas for Optimization General Observations Unique Considerations for Tech Vendors …

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Fundraising Events on Form 990

If your nonprofit arts organization hosts any fundraising events (that raise more than $5,000), you will need to complete Schedule G, “Supplemental Information Regarding Fundraising or Gaming Activities,” with your annual Form 990. For reasons of tax law regarding deductibility of charitable donations that are beyond the scope of this article, the way we report the revenue and expenses associated with galas and other fundraising events on Schedule G is somewhat misaligned with how we …


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Should Your Work Be Protected By An LLC?

Recently Observer posted on a topic well worth considering – artists forming limited liability corporations (LLC) to shield their personal assets from being subject to lawsuits. By separating personal assets like home, car, personal bank accounts, etc., from the entity controlling the ownership and production of professional work, the personal assets are protected from lawsuits due to injury due to a sculptural piece falling, claims of copyright violations, breach of contract etc. Similarly, personal assets …


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