Leveraging The Growing Influence & Inclusion Of Giving Circles

I wrote about Giving Circles on my personal blog last June, noting that the number of Giving Circles in the U.S. is growing. The appeal of this form of philanthropy is that it that the structure, criteria, participation, mission, etc are adaptable to the needs of your particular group. Inside Philanthropy has noted that the composition of Giving Circles are also more diverse than institutional funding organizations. As giving circles grow, they engage more people often left out of institutional philanthropy—especially women and people of color. Of the giving circles surveyed, 60 … Read more

Are You Ready For GDPR Compliance?

On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s (EU) new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations related to personal data collection will go into effect.  A quick google search will produce a wide range of sources capable of providing an overview but in a nutshell, it means that if your organization processes personal data of EU citizens, you must comply with required consent measures. If your organization collects and stores user EU citizen data (often referred to in the regulations as “data subjects”), the individual providing the information needs to be aware of … Read more


Everything Tech Providers Wished You Knew About Writing an RFP (Plus the Stuff They Want to Keep Secret)

Two of ArtsHacker’s own are at the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference today running a session designed to help nonprofit admins get their RFP on. If you’re attending the conference, here are the pertinents: Session:Everything Tech Providers Wished You Knew about Writing an RFP (Plus the Stuff They Want to Keep Secret) Date & Time:April 11, 2018 @ 3:30 PM Room:354 Session Hashtag:#18NTCrfp Website Listing:http://po.st/w6PV1x Session Description: Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough confidence to know if the proposal you get from tech providers is a meaningful bid or just a bunch … Read more

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