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Better Research During Your Job Search

Always Doe Never Bucks One of the most frustrating experiences in a job search is the salary line in a job description. Or rather, lack of thereof. If you actually see a salary range rather than DOE (depends on experience) or something along those lines, you may find yourself about to faint. Job descriptions can be incredibly detailed, listing obscure duties you will actually only perform for one hour every year, but somehow the authors ...

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Can’t Afford Custom Reporting Tools? Then Take A Look At This.

Can’t Afford Custom Reporting Tools? Then Take A Look At This Option From Zapier.

There are some really terrific turn-key products to use for creating a wealth of custom reports not to mention an ever-growing list of providers capable of creating custom reports for dedicated platforms. But what are you supposed to do if those are all out of budgetary reach? Until recently, your only option was to acquire some skills and code those options yourself, but that’s all beginning to change. We took a look at the connectivity ...

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Diversity Engagement Efforts

Let’s Get Real With Our Donors About Our Diversity Engagement Efforts

The end of the fiscal year is looming for many arts organizations and Spring “We do good work, Give us your money!” letters are being written now. I’m sure many of those letters highlight sell-out shows and performances or exhibits with renowned guest artists. I bet most of them also highlight your organization’s education and community engagement programs. Our elevator speeches that make it into these development letters include facts and figures of the programs: “25,000 ...

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