Board Recruitment & Rising Expectations

Non-Profit Quarterly recently hosted a webinar to present “The Completely Revised Guide to Great Board Recruitment.” If you have been following recent conversations about the role of non-profit boards, you will be aware that there is a greater focus on transparency and an increased expectation that boards fulfill their responsibility for good governance. A point that presenter Anasuya Sengupta raises is that legality can be a low bar for ethics and risk aversion and compliance can be a very low bar for decision making. She suggests that the list of requirements for … Read more

Swap Ideas

Looking for Social Media Content? Try A Swap!

Wired reporter Liz Stinson published a February, 2016 article about the February 2 #MuseumInstaSwap where 18 visual arts museums in New York City swapped social media content for the day. Most organizations are all about promoting their own exhibits/performances/artists on their social media platforms…nothing wrong with that.  But, this InstaSwap gave museums the opportunity to find common threads between their own collection and their partner organization’s collection.  And, I suspect, was a great opportunity to cultivate new audiences for both organizations. Each of the 18 museums was paired with another museum in the city … Read more

Select Inspect

Master Responsive Web Design With Chrome’s Device Mode RELOADED

Along with death and taxes, you can be certain that Goggle will update the integrated tools inside its Chrome browser. One of the latest updates includes enhancements to their device emulator, a feature we covered in detail via an article from 7/15/2015. You can visit that post to better understand why this tool is important and how it will help you master the art of responsive web design, but today’s post is going to cover the nuts-and-bolts for the functionality updates. Toggle On Device Mode The device emulator, now called “Device Mode,” … Read more