An Arts Manager’s Guide To Combating Ghost Referral Spam In Google Analytics

An Arts Manager’s Guide To Combating Ghost Referral Spam In Google Analytics

Among the many types of spammers that have cropped up over the course of the last year, one of the fastest growing variations is Ghost Referral Spammers (GRS) targeting your Google Analytics (GA) account. The end result is a torrent of fake metrics that can be so overwhelming, it compromises the value of your legitimate GA metrics. Google is well aware of the problem and actively working on solutions but in the meantime, you’ll need to implement measure to protect your data, and that’s what this tutorial is all about. This process will … Read more


Need A Space? SpaceFinder Can Help

If you’re an artist or organization that doesn’t have a regular venue, you know the difficulties of finding places to rehearse or perform.  My organization, the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera is fortunate to have a semi-regular concert hall that we perform in frequently throughout the season. But, as we work to get into the community and meet people where they are, we’re running into the same challenge of finding appropriate performance venues. Many artists may be aware of Fractured Atlas and use some of it’s services; they have a particularly awesome blog that is … Read more


Hootsuite: Scheduling Stress Free Social Media

Following up on my recent piece on building social media editorial calendars, it is wise to schedule all of your content using Hootsuite. While other platforms exist, I have found this useful for my purposes in managing clients’ social media. Creating content is time consuming, but the “annoying” aspect of social media is regularly posting. If you post at the wrong time or forget to post at all, it probably will not move your brand forward as it could. So, Hootsuite rescues us. Here are three platforms highlighted for stress-free social media … Read more

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