Hootsuite: Scheduling Stress Free Social Media

Following up on my recent piece on building social media editorial calendars, it is wise to schedule all of your content using Hootsuite. While other platforms exist, I have found this useful for my purposes in managing clients’ social media. Creating content is time consuming, but the “annoying” aspect of social media is regularly posting. If you post at the wrong time or forget to post at all, it probably will not move your brand ...

Its Like Google Alerts…On Steroids

With the current media landscape including so much more than just newspapers and magazines, I often find it difficult to keep up with who is talking about my organization and where.  We all use Google Alerts but they don’t catch everything.  Most of us use some sort of social media program that can show when people mention us but these are rarely comprehensive (think Hootsuite, TweetDeck, etc.). Enter Mention.com.  I recently found Mention and really ...

154 Essential Social Media Definitions

OMG, RT, and #: 154 Essential Social Media Definitions

“Ermahgerd, she totally creeped my pins and then RT’d them all!” Need a translator for that? Thanks to social media, new terms are appearing constantly. And if you’re managing your organization’s social media, managing your own, or just want to know what all the kids are talking about these days, then you’ll likely need a social media dictionary of some sort.* Luckily social media managing site, Hootsuite has a you and your tweeps covered.  Published ...

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