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Financial Resources For New Executives

I have been serving as Interim Executive Director for several months after our ED retired here at the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera. It has been an eye-opening experience; luckily, my board chair introduced me recently to a website that has great tools and resources for accounting and finance.

time for the founders

Next Generation: The Founders Are Coming

Just when we got used to Millennials and their quirks and buying habits, the next generation is already here.  The Founders generation aka Generation Z were born after 1995 and have a different identity then their Millennial predecessors. recently posted an article by Angela Cuadros defining and explaining the new generation and how nonprofits can interact with them. Founders have been surrounded by technological advances, so they are connected to and multitask across 5 screens: ...

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Using The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine To Improve User Experience

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, which archives screencaps of your website, has been around for some time and it’s just as useful now as ever. Sure, it’s fun to see how some of the cringe-worthy designs from 2001 but go back within the last year and look for changes. Outside of something like your homepage hero image, is anything different? If not, then you just discovered a problem that needs to be addressed and here’s how you can go about fixing it.

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