How To Avoid Facebook & Twitter Share Fail

How To Avoid Facebook & Twitter Share Fail

Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for generating interest and driving ticket sales but there’s no getting around the fact that you must play by their rules. More often than not, this means jumping through a few hoops to customize or update your share content. Here Are Two Common Problems Facebook Solution Tip: if you’ve published or updated several pages, use the “Batch Invalidator” tab to process multiple URLs. Be sure to separate each unique URL with a space. Twitter Solution That’s all there is to it so do yourself a favor … Read more

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More Changes Coming To Your Twitter Timeline

In a blog post on May 24th, Twitter announced a number of new changes to what will count towards your 140 character limit when tweeting. These changes aren’t live yet, but according to the post, “will be available in the coming months.” The changes to counts affect: Replies When you reply to a tweet, the usernames you’re replying to will no longer count toward the 140-character limit. Note that this is ONLY for replies, as @names in new tweets still count, and if you add new @names to a reply, they count … Read more

Twitter Helps You Go Private With Customer Service

Around this time last year I posted about Embracing the Online Anger, and one of the topics I’ve been meaning to explore further was how to handle customer service issues on Twitter. The recent good news on that front is that Twitter itself has made it easier to transition a customer to using Direct Messages (DMs) to interact with you, rather than corresponding via a public conversation.