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Take Advantage Of These Photoshop Templates To Update Your Social Media Branding

A good Photoshop (PSD) template can save hours of time and frustration when designing branding elements for social media platforms and over the past year, you’ve probably noticed the trend toward larger, full width header images. These look terrific and since every major social media platform functions within a responsive website environment (where content is relocated across different browser widths) that means you can no longer be lazy and put together a WYSIWYG style header ...


What’s In a Nme: Part Deux

Back in April I skewered bad twitter handles and the regrettable word abbreviations that result from the character limit (while telling you how to easily change yours), and Arts Hacker editor in chief Drew McManus suggested I follow up with some examples that keep your organization’s initials intact. By the way, did you know you probably use an initialism, not an acronym? If an abbreviation forms a pronounceable word like LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of ...

10 Ways to Become a Young Arts Professional

10 Ways to Become a Young Arts Professional

A few weeks ago, a post from PostGrad Problems about ways to become a young professional came across my Twitter feed. It was a funny post with some…practical tips about attending Happy Hours and self-organization, but not quite as applicable to arts management as the Clyde Fitch list that came to by inbox the next day.  I appreciated both posts and began to wonder what my advice to new graduates would be.  So, behold, my graduation ...

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