Marketing and Development – Friends in the Sandbox

This post comes to you from Target Resource Group, found on the NAMP website. Amelia Northrup-Simpson of TRG in her article “Marketing is from Mars; Development is from Venus” discusses how marketing and development teams need to work together to bring about the ultimate goal of patron loyalty. Her thoughts hit home for me, as someone who has worked for small, medium, and larger orchestras. At the medium-sized orchestra, marketing and development systems were different, but luckily, as the marketing director, I had a great relationship with our development director and we … Read more

SEO Doesn’t Have To Be The Pit Of Despair

Hey, back on May 11th, did you learn to stop worrying about SEO and love structured data? If you missed Drew’s post about improving your event search results in 15 minutes, go read it. Now! SEO is dead, long live structured data! But remember: So, if you’ve got a little time left over for traditional SEO (it’s just a flesh wound), make sure you first download the Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 3.0 from This freely available quick reference guide posted by Cyrus Shepherd on May 18th covers the ins and … Read more

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