VLOGGING: Why Video Blogging Is important

Directly communicating with an audience through the medium of video is very effective and I’ve found that as long as you give artists a nudge, they are willing to experiment. I like to encourage vlogs (video blogs) uploaded directly to Facebook and YouTube. This will add extra dimension to the artist’s brand—connecting to fans on a personal level. I’ve found many artists shy away from video cameras. It’s not that they are nervous or scared, but somehow don’t seem to embrace this medium as much as they could. I’m not referring to … Read more

Stupid Manager Tricks: How To Recover A Deleted MS Word Document

We’ve all been there, the cursing, gnashing of teeth, and general unpleasantness involved with realizing you just lost a MS Word document you really, really need. It doesn’t matter if it was due to a power outage or a graceless self-inflicted productivity wound, the end result is the same. Fortunately, it probably isn’t gone for good and even though options to bring it back from the great digital beyond have been around for a while, it seems to be one of the more commonly overlooked hero features in Microsoft Office. Microsoft maintains … Read more

Can An Ex Officio Member Vote? Aye.

A potentially problematic assumption many people make is that the status of being an ex officio member of a group limits that person’s voting rights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ex officio only refers to the manner in which a person gains the position, generally by virtue of a position or office they hold. It is the the bylaws which dictate whether that person has any voting rights or not. In the absence of anything in the bylaws to the contrary, they have the same voting rights as any regular … Read more