How To Organize Your Workweek

It’s the first week back from holidays and if you’re like me and many other workers, you spent much of the week trying to remember how to type and wondering why there were no more Christmas cookies in the office. If you’re a fan of New Years Resolutions, perhaps one is to be more productive at work.  A December, 2015 article published on New York Magazine’s Science of Us column references an email from Googler Jeremiah Dillon on how to make time for creative tasks at work. There are “Managers” who chunk … Read more

Social Media Header Templates

Take Advantage Of These Photoshop Templates To Update Your Social Media Branding

A good Photoshop (PSD) template can save hours of time and frustration when designing branding elements for social media platforms and over the past year, you’ve probably noticed the trend toward larger, full width header images. These look terrific and since every major social media platform functions within a responsive website environment (where content is relocated across different browser widths) that means you can no longer be lazy and put together a WYSIWYG style header image based on desktop-only design specs. Instead, you need to know how content moves across those browser … Read more

Creating a Social Media Plan: Do Some Analysis and Set Some Goals

Having a plan lets you look at your social interaction comprehensively and see how it fits into other engagement and marketing goals.  Plus, it makes it really easy when the social media handler gets sick and the box office has to use that Twitter thing until they’re back. Do some analysis on your current profiles. If you’ve decided to stay on Facebook or Twitter or Google+, great.  Let’s look at how you’re doing on there. There are multiple ways to measure your success on these platforms.  Think about using: How many followers/likes/subscribers … Read more