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Tracking Clickthroughs with Custom Links [2017]

Just over two years ago I posted about tracking clickthroughs with custom links made using a super simple tool provided by Google that integrates perfectly with Google Analytics. Since Google has recently updated their documentation it’s an excellent opportunity to bring it up again with the updated link, as it’s still as useful as ever! To recap: The Google URL builder helps you create custom URLs that allow you to track up to five parameters ...

Stupid Google Trick: RGB to Hex

You probably know that Google search performs a number of functions natively, giving you information without requiring you to visit one of the search results that come up. For instance, you can enter in an equation such as 1716 + 216 into a Google search field, and you’ll get the answer above the search results, as well as an inline calculator for additional equations. Or as another example, you can type in “7 litres to gallons” ...


So You Attended a Conference. Now What?

One of the great things about ArtsHacker is that when contributors present at conferences (like Drew McManus and Ceci Dadisman recently did about Google Analytics), they can easily point attendees back to our website full of practical tips and tricks to help them put knowledge into practice. But it’s not always so easy to adopt a new concept once the conference high wears off and the the daily grind kicks in. Fortunately, Hélio Vogas at ...


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