Resume Template File Types

Let Someone Else Help You Look Like A Genius

In the wake of Samantha Teter’s ArtsHacker article about what to avoid when creating your resume, it seems fitting to offer up some resources that can let even those with zero design skills put together an effective, and eye-catching, resume. has more than 2,000 resume templates at affordable prices; anywhere from $2-$15 for single templates and $15-$50 for collections. Keep in mind, you want to make sure that any template comes in a file format you can edit; some geared expressly for use inside Adobe Creative Suite products (InDesign, Illustrator, etc.) … Read more

Here Are Some Secret Weapons That Will Get Rid Of Frustrating Copy Paste Formatting Problems With Online Content

Here Are Some Secret Weapons That Will Get Rid Of Frustrating Copy/Paste Formatting Problems With Online Content

Are you responsible for managing your organization’s online content? If so, then you likely know the pain that comes with copy/paste formatting problems. You copy text from a source file but when you paste it into your content management system, the formatting is all wrong or worse, basic keyboard commands don’t seem to work (“why is the enter key only giving me a line break instead of a paragraph break!?!”). Fortunately, we’re going to look at some options that will help reduce this frustration and will make you a more efficient arts … Read more

Step Up From Collaborating To Co-Authoring In MS Word 2016

It took them long enough but the folks in Redmond have finally made real-time co-author editing part of Microsoft Word. If you’re an Office 365 user and haven’t upgraded to Office 2016, you should hop on that ASAP and if you’re not a subscription user, then this feature alone is worth the cost of an Office 2016 upgrade. If you’re a Google doc user, you’ve enjoyed the benefits of real-time collaborative document editing for some time but Microsoft pushes the bar a bit higher with their new co-authoring tools; meaning multiple users … Read more

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