Become A Microsoft Office Master

Become A Microsoft Office Master

21shares 1Share on Facebook 15Share on Twitter 4Share on LinkedIn 1 0Let’s all pause for a moment to consider the great equalizer at your organization: Microsoft Office. Whether you love to hate Outlook for messing up your calendar when you attend a conference in another time zone, or just plain love creating complicated Excel formulas, MS Office is pretty much ubiquitous in daily work, so you might as well get the most out of it. And considering it’s been around for over 25 years, there might just be some new features you … Read more

Step Up From Collaborating To Co-Authoring In MS Word 2016

10shares 2Share on Facebook 4Share on Twitter 0Share on LinkedIn 2 2It took them long enough but the folks in Redmond have finally made real-time co-author editing part of Microsoft Word. If you’re an Office 365 user and haven’t upgraded to Office 2016, you should hop on that ASAP and if you’re not a subscription user, then this feature alone is worth the cost of an Office 2016 upgrade. If you’re a Google doc user, you’ve enjoyed the benefits of real-time collaborative document editing for some time but Microsoft pushes the bar … Read more

Stupid Manager Tricks: How To Recover A Deleted MS Word Document

19shares 6Share on Facebook 4Share on Twitter 6Share on LinkedIn 1 2We’ve all been there, the cursing, gnashing of teeth, and general unpleasantness involved with realizing you just lost a MS Word document you really, really need. It doesn’t matter if it was due to a power outage or a graceless self-inflicted productivity wound, the end result is the same. Fortunately, it probably isn’t gone for good and even though options to bring it back from the great digital beyond have been around for a while, it seems to be one of … Read more

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