A Little Owl Told Me You Can Schedule Your Tweets…

Keeping an active presence on social media is becoming increasingly more important for all organizations. Arts organizations have many great opportunities to connect with their audiences, find new audiences, and share the work they are doing using different platforms.  But, posting something everyday (sometimes multiple times a day on multiple sites!) can leave you rocking back and forth in front of your computer. The answer? Schedule your tweets.  There are many different sites that will allow you to do this, but my favorite is Hootsuite.com Hootsuite is a social media management site … Read more

How To Transform Ticket Buyer Data Into Useful Insights

With any ticketing system, we have access to a lot of data.  Unfortunately, not all ticketing systems can spit that data back out in useful ways.  Most reports are rather standard and can be exported to Excel but not everyone is an Excel guru that can turn all of that data in to useful insights about ticket buyer behavior. Last season, when faced with a ton of raw data in the form of ticket buyer lists for all of our performances, we searched for a way to make our myriad Excel spreadsheets into … Read more

Creating a Social Media Plan: Put It Into Action!

A plan not written down is just a bunch of good intentions. When creating a social media plan, you’ve likely done research and have statistics, analysis of your own social media sites, best practices, goals for your own profiles and platforms, and different content moderation and posting policies. If you haven’t written these down or typed them up, then do it! This keeps you accountable and keeps a record for you when you come back at the end of the season to see how you did or when responsibilities change and someone … Read more