Pre-Populating Your Forms to Increase Conversions

There are many ways and many tips and tricks to increase conversion rates online. One of my favorite tricks is pre-populating a form with information you already have about a customer. We all know the fewer items you ask in an opt-in form, the better the conversion rate. When folks sign up for my wife’s music school updates, all we’re asking for is first name, last name and email address. That’s a low barrier. We then pass that data onto the next page, the thank you page, which has a few follow … Read more

How To Make Images Behave Inside Mailchimp RSS Campaign Templates

How To Make Images Behave Inside Mailchimp RSS Campaign Templates

NOTE: be sure to check out this article published after this one with updated information and a new option Mailchimp provides to help mitigate this problem. MailChimp (MC) is one of the most popular email marketing providers for a host of good reasons but even the best of providers have a few minor annoyances and in MC’s case, it’s the inability to dynamically resize images via an RSS campaign so they fit inside both Smartphone and standard email client windows. Since most desktop email campaign templates are around 600-pixels wide, using images with widths … Read more

SEO Doesn’t Have To Be The Pit Of Despair

Hey, back on May 11th, did you learn to stop worrying about SEO and love structured data? If you missed Drew’s post about improving your event search results in 15 minutes, go read it. Now! SEO is dead, long live structured data! But remember: So, if you’ve got a little time left over for traditional SEO (it’s just a flesh wound), make sure you first download the Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 3.0 from This freely available quick reference guide posted by Cyrus Shepherd on May 18th covers the ins and … Read more