multiple lines become one

CSS Magic: Making Two Lines into One

CSS is like magic in your browser. Since it’s my first post on the topic, I’ll point out that CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS consists of a list of selectors. Each selector then has a list of attributes and values. Them’s some biggish techno-babble words, so I’ll explain a little more. A selector is a way of picking out specific content on a page. It can be very specific, like the title just before the third paragraph, or broad, like all text on the page. An attribute is some aspect … Read more

Three Things Arts Managers Should Know About Programmers To Save Money And Add Value

Three Things Arts Managers Should Know About Programmers To Save Money And Add Value

Many of my clients have wasted money they spent on programming. I try to tell them how not to, even as the beneficiary of some of this waste. If they insist, though, at some point there’s nothing left to do but shrug and accept a bit more cash in my pocket. The thing is, like most creative professionals, I like to do new and exciting work that efficiently solves problems way more than coding up the first iteration of some idea that is going to require many revisions before any of value … Read more

Pre-Populating Your Forms to Increase Conversions

There are many ways and many tips and tricks to increase conversion rates online. One of my favorite tricks is pre-populating a form with information you already have about a customer. We all know the fewer items you ask in an opt-in form, the better the conversion rate. When folks sign up for my wife’s music school updates, all we’re asking for is first name, last name and email address. That’s a low barrier. We then pass that data onto the next page, the thank you page, which has a few follow … Read more

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