Using Internal Search To Optimize Your Website

Using Internal Search To Optimize Your Website

Drew eloquently described how to easily activate internal search tracking in Google Analytics. Let’s look into how you can use the data from the report. As you can tell, the internal search reports offer some immediate refinement opportunities. You can make improvements to site navigation and content. A little harder maybe is improving search results and the results pages, as much of that depends on the software on the backend. One good place to start with results pages is to see if you can update the page template, especially if you’re not … Read more

anatomy of a killer landing page

The Anatomy of a Killer Landing Page

You’re doing it wrong. Do your online ads simply link to your homepage? Maybe you link directly to an event page or ticketing page. Okay, you’re doing better, but you’re likely still missing out. Landing pages are vastly underused in the arts. A landing page is simply the first page someone sees after clicking an online ad or an email or, heaven forbid, scans a QR code (is anyone still doing that?) Maybe you think a landing page is only for scammy lead generation or over-promising, get-rich-quick online video courses. Nope. See … Read more

Pre-Populating Your Forms to Increase Conversions

There are many ways and many tips and tricks to increase conversion rates online. One of my favorite tricks is pre-populating a form with information you already have about a customer. We all know the fewer items you ask in an opt-in form, the better the conversion rate. When folks sign up for my wife’s music school updates, all we’re asking for is first name, last name and email address. That’s a low barrier. We then pass that data onto the next page, the thank you page, which has a few follow … Read more