Click Here To Party Like It’s 1999

We’ve all done it: click here to learn more. But what does “click here” even mean in an age of touchscreens and wearables? Back in the previous century we may have had to be a bit more explicit about how the internet works, but chances are your average patron is no longer using a mouse to interact with you, so isn’t it high time we were a little more creative with our links? It only takes a small amount of effort to craft copy that focuses on anything but the mechanical action … Read more

How To Organize Your Workweek

It’s the first week back from holidays and if you’re like me and many other workers, you spent much of the week trying to remember how to type and wondering why there were no more Christmas cookies in the office. If you’re a fan of New Years Resolutions, perhaps one is to be more productive at work.  A December, 2015 article published on New York Magazine’s Science of Us column references an email from Googler Jeremiah Dillon on how to make time for creative tasks at work. There are “Managers” who chunk … Read more

Getting Exactly What You Wish For

Publishing a Wish List of needed items is a longstanding practice among non-profits. Historically, it has been difficult to keep the list  brief but also provide a useful description of the item to people who aren’t familiar with the specialized needs of an arts organization. Fortunately, a number of online retailers have taken a cue from bridal registries and provided a way for arts organizations to share their wishlists online, get exactly what they want in the quantity they want. For example, one of my former employers, Appel Farm Arts and Music … Read more

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