What Is Peach And Should I Be On It?

Have you heard about Peach? Peach is a new social network that just launched and has been gaining major traction over the past couple of weeks. So, what is it, you ask?  It is like a combination of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Slack.  When you sign up, you have your own profile where you can post images, videos, gifs, and text. Like Facebook, you have “friends” and can send and accept friend requests. Like Instagram, you have your own feed where people can view the content that you’ve posted. Similar to Slack, … Read more

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Looking At Decision Making Processes

Having a clear decision making process in an arts organization is important. With everyone wearing different hats and assuming different responsibilities as the situation warrants, sometimes it is unclear who has decision making authority.  In other cases, someone makes a decision which obligates multiple people without consulting with them, giving rise to resentment. I have looked at many organizational decision making processes from multivoting, nominal group technique, various forms of brainstorming, prioritization matrix, Six Thinking Hats, and a half dozen others. The only one that I have come across that seemed it … Read more

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Get Rid Of These Three Common Design And Content Mistakes Once And For All

It isn’t as though arts managers have loads of time to stay current on the latest trends and best practices for web design and user experience. Fortunately, that’s what you have ArtsHacker for and today’s post will cover three common mistakes and how to fix them. If your Smartphone could offer commentary on the sites you visit, one of the more common phrases you would hear is “What the @#!* is a click?!” Perhaps unsurprisingly, everyone knows there is no click function on touchscreen mobile devices but that doesn’t stop arts orgs … Read more

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