Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A (Font) Match

For many performing arts orgs, January means you’re knee deep into next season’s design stage and for those of you who do your own design work, finding complementary font combos can become an overwhelming task. Fortunately, we have some terrific resources you can use to keep you on track. A Septet of Typography Combo Tools The design resource center, Creative Market, published an article that lists five different sites dedicated to helping you put together striking font combos. Each option functions a bit differently and in many cases, knowing one of the fonts … Read more

Six Reasons To Add Millennials To Your Board

Six Reasons To Add Millennials To Your Board

What’s your board make-up?  If you’re like my organization, our board is composed of over 40 year-olds (the average age is probably around 65), higher level business executives, and white.  It mirrors the population that we attract and, despite the lack of diversity, is a really great, active board. We do have minorities on the board, however we have no member under 40 on the board.  In a November, 2014 post, Colleen Dilen highlighted Six Urgent Reasons To Add Millennials To Your Nonprofit Board of Directors.  Her list includes: Millennials represent the largest generation … Read more

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