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Begin Thinking About User Experience As Your Brand

Does your organization still design print material first then use that as the basis for your online design? If so, you’re not only behind the marketing curve, you’re losing ground at record speed. Case in point, take a good hard look at Google’s Material Design language, their formal effort to begin standardizing user experience with specs that continuously evolve. Without getting into too much of the geeky details, Material Design shatters the notion that brand ...

5 Tips For Your Survey Project

We’re halfway through most performance seasons (the light! It’s there!) and maybe starting to do some end of season planning.  If you’re like many organizations, you might end up creating a survey at the end of your year.  Whether it’s to employees to see what can be improved upon, audience members to see their highs and lows of the season, or something else entirely, a survey can give you some useful data. Surale Phillips, a ...

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How To Build Social Media Editorial Calendars

Planning content for social media should be a priority, but it is often left at the bottom of a to-do list. I think many arts managers would agree that having a focused plan unveiling their organization or artist’s content is the preferred method, but with the many pressures of office work it does not get done. One remedy that I have found helpful is a seasonal and weekly editorial calendar. The seasonal calendar plots out ...