Hootsuite: Scheduling Stress Free Social Media

Following up on my recent piece on building social media editorial calendars, it is wise to schedule all of your content using Hootsuite. While other platforms exist, I have found this useful for my purposes in managing clients’ social media. Creating content is time consuming, but the “annoying” aspect of social media is regularly posting. If you post at the wrong time or forget to post at all, it probably will not move your brand ...

No share count for you!

Twitter Doesn’t Count After November 20th

Twitter is on a role with controversial changes lately, and one imminent update is very hard to like, and will certainly not go down as anyone’s favourite. Last month, Twitter announced they will discontinue share counts in their API. Translation: you know those social sharing buttons at the top of this post that help you share this page on Twitter and Facebook? (Feel free to try it now.) As of November 20th the Twitter button isn’t going ...


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a heart is born

A Heart is Born

If your Twitter feed was anything like mine on November 3rd, it was approximately 50% rants about Twitter replacing Faves with Likes, 50% essentially claiming the change is a “first world problem”, and 1% kittens (percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding). If you’re just catching up, Twitter has replaced the Favourites button (or star) with a Like button (or heart). This, of course, aligns with many other social media channels like Instagram, Tumblr, ...

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