How to Promote Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget

How To Promote Your Brand On A Shoestring Budget

Since millennials are quite skilled at self-promoting, it might be helpful to provide non-millennial readers with shoestring-budget-marketing-tips for extra small nonprofits and emerging artists. Use Squarespace for website design. Squarespace is an affordable way to launch a website. Of course it is nice to have a custom designed site with slick interface and functionality, however it gets quite expensive ($10k +). If you are just launching your nonprofit or company, you want something that will look great, but not spend a fortune. I have found Squarespace to be the right fit for … Read more

MailChimp New Resize RSS feed images to fit template option

If You Use MailChimp RSS Campaigns You’re Going To Want This Information

Recently, email marketing provider MailChimp added a new option to their RSS campaigns that aims to solve a long (long) standing shortcoming in their service by way of how they handle images inside the RSS feed. In particular, Mailchimp wasn’t resizing source images so they fit inside the width of the email message template across all email clients and devices (desktop, tablet, and Smartphone). For several years, MailChimp maintained a disclaimer at their knowledgebase absolving them of any responsibility to solve the issue: Are your images the wrong size? Often, blog images are … Read more

How To Make Images Behave Inside Mailchimp RSS Campaign Templates

How To Make Images Behave Inside Mailchimp RSS Campaign Templates

NOTE: be sure to check out this article published after this one with updated information and a new option Mailchimp provides to help mitigate this problem. MailChimp (MC) is one of the most popular email marketing providers for a host of good reasons but even the best of providers have a few minor annoyances and in MC’s case, it’s the inability to dynamically resize images via an RSS campaign so they fit inside both Smartphone and standard email client windows. Since most desktop email campaign templates are around 600-pixels wide, using images with widths … Read more