In An Emergency Listen To….?

(Source) If there is a snow storm (or snow monster), tornado, power outage or anything that might raise questions about whether an event you are sponsoring will occur, do people know how learn the event’s status? Sure they can call the box office, but if you are performing at a venue you don’t control or if someone has been unable to change the message on the voicemail, how will people know where to get information? Schools know that their students are always eager to have a snow day so they provide specific … Read more

When To Clap & What To Wear: Two Remarkably Practical Guides You Can Use

When To Clap & What To Wear: Two Remarkably Practical Guides You Can Use

Chattanooga Symphony & Orchestra concertmaster Holly Mulcahy has been on a tear as of late by tackling two of the most difficult questions arts orgs (especially classical music groups) encounter on a regular basis: when to clap and what to wear. Mulcahy addresses each in separate posts at her blog, Neo Classical, and unlike the typical examination of these well-worn topics, she provides a wealth of useful insight geared far more toward making patrons feel comfortable in their own skin and far more likely to have a good experience. As arts administrations … Read more

social media response flowchart

Ignoring The Online Anger

Back in February I wrote about Embracing the Online Anger, but it’s important to note that not all social media mentions require a response. (Gasp!) A few months ago Jonathan Michael at posted the handy Response Flowchart below that not only helps you separate the trolls from customers you can actually help, but how best to respond. If nothing else, taking the time to go through this process before responding to a particularly nasty tweet gives you a cooling off period, and should help you avoid dashing off that oh-so-witty (but … Read more