Companion Data

Looking For Some Companion Data To The 2015 Arts Industry Digital Benchmark Study?

Earlier in the month, Ceci Dadisman pointed everyone in the direction of Capacity Interactive’s 2015 Arts Industry Digital Benchmark Study. If you found that data useful, then you should set aside some time to check out a 10/5/2015 article by Richard Howe at that provides a similar examination of data compiled by Salesforce for their annual Mobile Behavior Report. Here are some of the highlights: …the average mobile user checks their phone over 1,500 times a week and uses their device for 3 hours 16 minutes every day. Their main tasks, in … Read more

You Can See I Would Be Totally Justified

You Might Get Hurt: Volunteer Waivers

I have often told my siblings that if they committed action I found offensive, there would be consequences. When I was forced to make good on my threats and they went crying to our parents, sometimes I would be vindicated, sometimes I would get punished. The same sort of situation exists in regard to volunteers and waivers/releases you have them sign. (Except presumably you aren’t threatening to beat up your volunteers.) According to lawyer Ellis Carter, making volunteers aware of they might get injured in the course of their duties and having … Read more

Are You Using The “Ugliest Color In The World” For Your Designs?

Few things stir emotions and spirited shop talk like color palettes. It’s one of those topics that draws experts and novices alike so when someone comes around declaring they have deduced the “ugliest color in the word,” it should pique your interest. published an article by Kevin Whipps on 6/9/2016 that reports on an effort by the Australian Government to determine a color that would make citizens want to quit smoking. They contracted market and user experience research firm GfK to figure out that color and their examination determined it was … Read more