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Turning Your Google Analytics Data Into Reports Has Never Been Easier

On 5/25/2016 Google launched a free version of their data visualization tool, called Data Studio, which makes it super easy to turn Google Analytics (GA) data into traditional and real-time reports. According to the announcement, “Data Studio lets you connect to all your marketing data and turn that data into beautiful, informative reports that are easy to understand, share, and fully customizable.” After using the product for a short period of time, it was crystal ...

How Financial Statements Are Born

How Financial Statements Are Born

If you have been in a meeting about the financial status of your organization and are confused about the differences between balance sheet, cash flow statement and income statement when they are mentioned,  you aren’t alone.  Even if you have taken an accounting class, you may have a little trouble reconciling what you learned with the non-profit approach to finance. A few years back, the Non-Profit Finance Fund conducted a webinar for the Theatre Communications ...

Compensation Report Resource

Looking For Some Nonprofit Compensation Resources?

Figuring out your value as an arts manager is difficult in a field where budgets vary almost as much as the process boards use to determine compensation policies. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be such a dark and scary place. To that end, here are some resources you can use to help shed some light on this topic. IRS Form 990 For executive level openings, you can gather a considerable amount of information by examining ...

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