Send Us Your Selfies

A Place For Selfies Just because you don’t want people taking selfies during a performance doesn’t mean selfies can’t serve a constructive purpose. It is just a matter of channeling the impulse people have to prove they were present somewhere and participating toward a specific goal. In fact, if people are taking selfies in connection with your events, it is likely they aren’t going far enough to suit your needs. A pose with a group of friends may be meaningful to an individual. But every attendee taking a similar pose against a … Read more


DISCOUNTING: Be Proactive, Be Selective, Be Timely

Discounting can be a fabulous way of increasing audiences when done effectively and strategically. By offering discounts, you can bring in new patrons to your hall, reactivate patrons who haven’t attended in several years, or even help fill a concert that may not be expected to sell so well. Discounting should not be used as a panic button, however. Think strategically before you even begin your concert marketing to know what discounts you may want to offer, to whom, and when. You need to be prepared to offer the right discount to the … Read more

Punctuation Guide

Learn To Communicate Clearly With These Punctuation & Grammar Guides

In an age of twitter lingo, texting, and autospell it can become all too easy to let your grammar and punctuation chops get rusty; fortunately, we have a few guides you can keep handy that will help you stay sharp. The Punctuation Guide This enormously useful guide (h/t is stupid simple to use, all you need to do is click on a punctuation mark and learn all about it alongside a quick list of example uses. Bonus content includes a list of Top 10 Punctuation Tips and resources for heavy-duty style … Read more

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