Finance Cheat Sheet

An Executive Director’s Guide To Financial Leadership

43shares 4Share on Facebook 22Share on Twitter 16Share on LinkedIn 1 0Several months into the Executive Director position, I’m still hungry for great articles on the financial side of nonprofits. This one popped up on my Twitter feed last night from NonProfit Quarterly, and although the article is almost five years old, it’s a great tool for mapping out a financial plan for your organization. At the end of the article, this statement really hit home for me – “Executive directors learn that leading a nonprofit requires a constant balancing of current … Read more

resume don'ts

31 Incredibly Unprofessional Things People Do On Their Resumes

36shares 1Share on Facebook 17Share on Twitter 16Share on LinkedIn 1 1Over the past several months, I’ve reviewed probably more than 70 resumes for various positions that the CSO was hiring for. I am one of those managers that will almost immediately dismiss a poorly written or designed resume, regardless of their experience, especially for a job that requires attention to detail and organizational skills. If you can’t be bothered to make a good-looking, correctly spelled resume, then why would I expect you do to the same for my organization? Not that you, dear … Read more

Financial Resources

Financial Resources For New Executives

I have been serving as Interim Executive Director for several months after our ED retired here at the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera. It has been an eye-opening experience; luckily, my board chair introduced me recently to a website that has great tools and resources for accounting and finance.

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