This Handy Living Wage Calculator Drills Down To City Level Data

If you work in the field of arts administration, you’ve probably figured out that it isn’t exactly the ideal career if your primary goal in life is to secure a position at the top of the economic food chain. Having said that, and regardless of your position in the field, it’s still good to keep tabs on up to date wage data and the MIT Living Wage Calculator created by Amy Glasmeier, a professor of economic geography and regional planning at MIT, is a handy resource in that effort. Although the data … Read more


The Musician’s Guide to Public Speaking

Many of us arts admin types were performing artists in a former life. So when we get called upon to speak to patrons/donors/staff/colleagues/board members, we welcome the opportunity to be in front of people, right? Uh, right… If you find yourself a reluctant spokesperson for your company or brand, I encourage you to use your musician chops to shape and polish your public speaking skills. Embrace the Silence Was it Debussy who reminded us that music is the “silence between the notes?” We all know how to honor rests in our music-making. … Read more


Crossing the Streams

Wynton Marsalis gets it. For the second year in a row, we rang in the new year with a livestream from Jazz at Lincoln Center, the late set with Marsalis and his quintet. No need for Dick Clark’s New Ryan Seacrest Eve or any of the other nearly identical broadcast network offerings–now we have a choice, thanks to the internet. More to the point, this was a concert I might not otherwise have seen. I live about a thousand miles away, I wasn’t planning to be in New York City for New Year’s, … Read more

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