2016 resolutions

10 Resolutions Every Arts Manager Should Make For Better Data Driven Decisions In 2016

2016 is the year for ridding your institution of as much HiPPO decision making as possible. Even if you aren’t familiar with the acronym, HiPPO stands for Highest Paid Person’s Opinion, we’ve all wasted too much time during meetings and made decisions that didn’t produce the best potential return on investment due to a lack of data. Granted, in the absence of hard data, it’s natural to rely on experience but the ways we interact with patrons changes so much faster than before, bolstering experience with data has never been as important. … Read more

Your Donation, Should You Choose To Accept It

The non-profit sector is getting more organized and sophisticated about fundraising and general solicitation of support through vehicles like Kickstarter and Giving Tuesday. At the same time, there has also been increased scrutiny of donations based on the character of the person or company making the donation or the conditions attached to the money. It becomes increasingly important for non-profit organizations to have a gift acceptance policy. Not just to insulate the organization from an association with entities that may damage their image, but also to ensure the organization has the capacity … Read more

Pre-Populating Your Forms to Increase Conversions

There are many ways and many tips and tricks to increase conversion rates online. One of my favorite tricks is pre-populating a form with information you already have about a customer. We all know the fewer items you ask in an opt-in form, the better the conversion rate. When folks sign up for my wife’s music school updates, all we’re asking for is first name, last name and email address. That’s a low barrier. We then pass that data onto the next page, the thank you page, which has a few follow … Read more