Why the World Hates Millennials

Haters Gonna Hate: Why the World Hates Millennials

18shares 8Share on Facebook 2Share on Twitter 4Share on LinkedIn 3 1 One of my college professors told my class that he started each morning by watching one Ted talk.  Since here in Chattanooga, our summer is a little more relaxed then during the season, I’m taking up his advice and starting each day with a TED talk*. One of the first I watched, mainly because I was drawn to the name, was Scott Hess’s presentation at the 2011 TEDxSF called “Millennials: Who They Are and Why We Hate Them.”  As a millennial, … Read more

Creating a Social Media Plan: Make Some Decisions

14shares 7Share on Facebook 1Share on Twitter 4Share on LinkedIn 1 1Having a plan lets you look at your social interaction comprehensively and see how it fits into other engagement and marketing goals.  Plus, it makes it really easy when the social media handler gets sick and the box office has to use that Twitter thing until they’re back. Let’s make some decisions and decide which platforms you are going to be on. Every day, a new social media site pops up and is touted as the next big site. But, let’s … Read more

Creating a Social Media Plan: Do Some Research

39shares 22Share on Facebook 4Share on Twitter 6Share on LinkedIn 4 3If your office is like our office, there are a small group of people running the show.  With only a handful of people in my office, we have to plan ahead on schedules, programming, concerts, who will be running the box office when the box office manager is on vacation, who’s bringing the donuts to the staff meeting, etc. Well, maybe not the last one, but you get the picture.  Planning is important. So, if you have front of house plans … Read more

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