Take Advantage Of These Photoshop Templates To Update Your Social Media Branding [2017]

One of the more popular posts here at ArtsHacker is from June, 2015 and provides links to downloadable Photoshop (PSD) templates you can use to create fantastic header images for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. The templates are available from graphic designer Pauline Cabera at her website, TwelveSkip.com. She updated the entire template group since that original post and they continue to do an excellent job at illustrating the finer points of avoiding #MediaQueryDesignFail. Each article includes user-friendly instructions and what to watch out for so if you’re looking to refresh your … Read more

Portrait v Landscape Hero Image

Three Ways You Can Prevent Frustrating Design Problems When Working With Portrait And Landscape Images

One common frustration when creating web content is trying to fit portrait aspect ratio photos into a landscape aspect ratio container, such as a landing page slider or something like a standardized event image template. It is the digital image equivalent of pounding a square peg into a round hole but here are three solutions you can use to help solve, and even prevent, this aggravation. THE PROBLEM At the heart of the trouble is the need to fit an image that is taller than it is wide (portrait) into a space that … Read more

Social Media Header Templates

Take Advantage Of These Photoshop Templates To Update Your Social Media Branding

A good Photoshop (PSD) template can save hours of time and frustration when designing branding elements for social media platforms and over the past year, you’ve probably noticed the trend toward larger, full width header images. These look terrific and since every major social media platform functions within a responsive website environment (where content is relocated across different browser widths) that means you can no longer be lazy and put together a WYSIWYG style header image based on desktop-only design specs. Instead, you need to know how content moves across those browser … Read more

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