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Do More For Event Search Results In 15 Minutes Than You Accomplished With Years Of SEO

SEO is dead, long live Structure Data! If you’re still hung up on fine tuning every possible element of SEO I have good news for you; you can stop. Google’s search algorithms are going to see past any trick and if you follow their prescribed methods for integrating micro data markup into your website’s code, you’ll accomplish far more than you ever could with old-school SEO tactics. And if you don’t have the capacity or budget to integrate that markup code, no worries, Google has you covered with some incredibly user friendly … Read more

Tip: make sure you analyze pages that contain any table based content or forms.

Is Your Website Ready For Google’s Big Algorithm Change?

Tomorrow, 4/21/2015, is the day Google will fully implement the latest major change in its search algorithm and if your site isn’t prepared, you can expect a world of hurt via your search rankings. Simply put, it’s all about meeting Google’s new mobile friendly thresholds; if your site is what Google considers mobile friendly it is more likely to rank it higher in search results. Additionally, Google also plans to contain more relevant mobile content via those new standards in search results. A post via Google’s Webmaster Central blog from 2/26/2015 provides … Read more