DISCOUNTING: Be Proactive, Be Selective, Be Timely

Discounting can be a fabulous way of increasing audiences when done effectively and strategically. By offering discounts, you can bring in new patrons to your hall, reactivate patrons who haven’t attended in several years, or even help fill a concert that may not be expected to sell so well. Discounting should not be used as a panic button, however. Think strategically before you even begin your concert marketing to know what discounts you may want to offer, to whom, and when. You need to be prepared to offer the right discount to the … Read more


Crossing the Streams

Wynton Marsalis gets it. For the second year in a row, we rang in the new year with a livestream from Jazz at Lincoln Center, the late set with Marsalis and his quintet. No need for Dick Clark’s New Ryan Seacrest Eve or any of the other nearly identical broadcast network offerings–now we have a choice, thanks to the internet. More to the point, this was a concert I might not otherwise have seen. I live about a thousand miles away, I wasn’t planning to be in New York City for New Year’s, … Read more

Brand Loyalty

Get To Know Your Millennials

There’s a fascinating infographic from published via their blog on 12/18/2013 in an article by Adena DeMonte that provides insight into what they define as info marketers and managers need to know about Millennials. It’s a wonderfully comprehensive infographic in that it doesn’t gloss over a few key points and instead, focuses on a broader data cross section. You would have to be operating under a rock to miss the growing attention focused on Millennials as both ticket buyers and prospective employees but awareness and knowledge are not one in the … Read more

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