Become A Microsoft Office Master

Become A Microsoft Office Master

Let’s all pause for a moment to consider the great equalizer at your organization: Microsoft Office. Whether you love to hate Outlook for messing up your calendar when you attend a conference in another time zone, or just plain love creating complicated Excel formulas, MS Office is pretty much ubiquitous in daily work, so you might as well get the most out of it. And considering it’s been around for over 25 years, there might just be some new features you don’t yet know about. Back in April Lifehacker featured Microsoft Office … Read more

character count

More Changes Coming To Your Twitter Timeline

In a blog post on May 24th, Twitter announced a number of new changes to what will count towards your 140 character limit when tweeting. These changes aren’t live yet, but according to the post, “will be available in the coming months.” The changes to counts affect: Replies When you reply to a tweet, the usernames you’re replying to will no longer count toward the 140-character limit. Note that this is ONLY for replies, as @names in new tweets still count, and if you add new @names to a reply, they count … Read more

musical instrument icons

Free Music Icons For Your Website

Every so often the folks at Smashing Magazine offer their readers free icon sets, or in other words, high quality vector graphics of a particular theme, in a variety of styles and formats. On May 5th they posted a link to a set many of you might find useful: Musical Instrument Icons designed by IconCrafts. Whether for your website, app or even signage, you’re going to want to grab these for your library of assets, even if the designers did call the french horn a “tuba”. While this is the first set of … Read more