Track Your Offline Marketing In Google Analytics In 5 Easy Steps

One of my last slides in the Google Analytics session at the NAMP (National Arts Marketing Project) conference touched on tracking offline marketing. It was a quick mention without going into the details. But it solicited a lot of *mind-blown* responses. So I wanted to take a minute and describe in detail how to set it up. But first, let me show you a scenario in which it might be used. Let’s say you have a performance of Beethoven’s Ninth coming up. You are running a print ad in the local paper, … Read more

Cross-Domain Tracking

Google Analytics Decoded: Cross-Domain and Ecommerce

In the previous article we looked at the Google Analytics code snippet: how to find it, where to put it, and a quick evolution of the code. Adding the plain code as provided by Google will get you a lot of good data flowing in, but there’s more and better data to be had! As covered in the NAMPC presentation, cross-domain and ecommerce tracking are the bread and butter of a good digital marketing analysis. Cross-Domain Tracking In the arts world, it is very common to have your donation or ticketing platforms … Read more

Google Analytics Decoded The Code Snippets Admin Code

Google Analytics Decoded: The Code Snippets

At the 2015 National Arts Marketing Project Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting a session on Google Analytics with fellow ArtsHackers Drew McManus and Ceci Dadisman. Google Analytics is a powerful tool. But it all depends on and starts with the proper code snippet. You may be building a new website or perhaps you have inherited a website that doesn’t yet have the tracking code, or perhaps you have a website that has the outdated snippet. Or you just want to check your current setup. … Read more