Check Your Tone

Given that we’re all using written communication more than usual, it’s a good idea to take a step back and consider tone. Unless you’re all-in on injecting emojis into everyday business communication, you should consider spot checking using a tone analyzer. To that end, visit IBM’s tone analyzer demo. Since the onset of COVID-19 shutdowns, I’ve been testing a cross-section of my email messages through the analyzer to make sure I’m not falling into any bad habits, such as injecting too much “anger,” “fear,” “sadness,” or “tentative” tones into my messages. I’ve … Read more

To Google Grant Or Not To Google Grant

Google Grants have been around for a decade already and are still a great way for your organization to appear at the top of search results. That said, unlike in the early days, there are more requirements to keep the grant in compliance and that has caused many organizations to let their grants lapse. If you don’t have a Grant and are considering applying, or if your organization’s is currently inactive, here are some things to consider. Is your organization eligible? Google does have some restrictions, but most arts organizations will find … Read more

Arts Admin State Of Employment Poll, Update 1

On April 12, we asked readers to complete a short, two question poll designed to measure how the employment status of arts administrators and independent contractors is being impacted by coronavirus related shutdowns. Originally, we designed the poll to happen on a rolling weekly basis but it’s looking like a better option is to maintain the same poll from week to week and allow visitors to submit an updated status at least once a week if needed. As of today, it’s looking like the vast majority of respondents are in good shape … Read more