Bid Solicitation Process Master It To Ignore It

Bid Solicitation Process: Master It To Ignore It

When you are engaging in a significant construction or renovation project, you are going to want to solicit competing bids for the work that needs to be done. Many blueprint companies can help you handle the bid solicitation process by hosting your plans and solicitation documents on their website. There are a number of reasons why you wouldn’t want to handle this phase of the process yourself. First of all, your staff would be faced with having to answer all requests for the bid materials and delivering them to the various parties … Read more

Master Your Domain With Google Search Console Must-Have Settings

Master Your Domain With Google Search Console: Must-Have Settings

Now that you have your Google Search Console (GSC) account created, you’re ready to get cracking on must-have settings and configurations. Immediately after your account is verified, you’ll notice a message in the site’s “Messages” dashboard. It’s an automatic message from Google and although it might seem like one of those obligatory “thanks for signing up” notes, it points out some critical next-steps you’ll need to complete. The most efficient way to get through these tasks is completing them in the following order. Select A Target Country You can access this admin … Read more

Culture Track 2017 is here

Culture Track 2017 Is Here!

After waiting for three long years, the 2017 edition of LaPlaca Cohen’s Culture Track has arrived! Arts and culture data nerds, rejoice! As per the Culture Track website: Culture Track is a national online survey of cultural consumers’ attitudes, motivators, and barriers to participation. There are tons of good nuggets of data in the report, but it bears reiterating the most high-level concept. We arts administrators have known this anecdotally for years, but it is reassuring to see that the actual data backs it up. The world has fundamentally changed since Culture Track … Read more