Setting Up Facebook Business Manager

Have you set up Facebook Business Manager for your organization yet?  If not, you are missing out on one of Facebook’s best new features for businesses and organizations. Facebook Business Manager is an easy way to manage your Facebook pages, ads accounts, and the people who have access to them. So, you can allow certain members of your staff or vendors have different permissions.  For instance, you could allow certain staff members to post on your pages, but not give them access to your ad account.  If you have a vendor who assists … Read more

Five Famous Movie Quotes On How NOT To Run An Organization

Famous Movie Quotes On How NOT To Run An Organization

My family and I have full on conversations in movie quotes.  Casual listeners to our conversations would be lost amongst the A League of Our Own, High Society, and A Christmas Story dialogue streams.  I’m a movie fan, so Colleen Dilenschneider‘s 12/2/2015 post, Five Famous Movie Quotes On How NOT To Run A Nonprofit Organization, hit my newsfeed. Dilen takes well-known and often used movie quotes from Field of Dreams, When Harry Met Sally, Jerry Maguire, Love Story, and A Few Good Men to offer tips on how not to run a nonprofit. My particular favorite at this time, … Read more

What's Up With Event Liability Insurance

What’s Up With Event Liability Insurance

If you try to hold an event somewhere, you will most likely be asked to provide general liability insurance coverage for the event. If you are an established company that already has insurance coverage for your daily operations, your insurance agent can often arrange for coverage  to extend to the venue for the period of your event. Typically a venue will ask to be named as additionally insured on the certificate of insurance. Fractured Atlas has good basic explanation of the insurance and requirements. Essentially, liability insurance: “protects you (and the spaces … Read more