Cross-Domain Tracking

Google Analytics Decoded: Cross-Domain and Ecommerce

In the previous article we looked at the Google Analytics code snippet: how to find it, where to put it, and a quick evolution of the code. Adding the plain code as provided by Google will get you a lot of good data flowing in, but there’s more and better data to be had! As covered in the NAMPC presentation, cross-domain and ecommerce tracking are the bread and butter of a good digital marketing analysis. Cross-Domain Tracking In the arts world, it is very common to have your donation or ticketing platforms … Read more

Google Analytics Decoded The Code Snippets Admin Code

Google Analytics Decoded: The Code Snippets

At the 2015 National Arts Marketing Project Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting a session on Google Analytics with fellow ArtsHackers Drew McManus and Ceci Dadisman. Google Analytics is a powerful tool. But it all depends on and starts with the proper code snippet. You may be building a new website or perhaps you have inherited a website that doesn’t yet have the tracking code, or perhaps you have a website that has the outdated snippet. Or you just want to check your current setup. … Read more

No share count for you!

Twitter Doesn’t Count After November 20th

Twitter is on a role with controversial changes lately, and one imminent update is very hard to like, and will certainly not go down as anyone’s favourite. Last month, Twitter announced they will discontinue share counts in their API. Translation: you know those social sharing buttons at the top of this post that help you share this page on Twitter and Facebook? (Feel free to try it now.) As of November 20th the Twitter button isn’t going to be able to display how many people have done so. All of the third party services … Read more

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