Negotiate Like You Are Dealing With A Petulant Child

So many interactions in our lives involve some sort of negotiation whether it be starting salary, contracts, settling disagreements between employees and even deciding where to have the office Christmas party. Eric Barker’s Barking Up The Wrong Tree  blog is a good source of tips when engaged in some sort of negotiation. Many of his articles are derived from techniques used by FBI Hostage negotiators, including tips for dealing with your kids. It may seem unkind to equate moody kids with hostage takers. The truth is even the relatively calm environment surrounding … Read more

Spoiler: there’s a good section in the article that draws on lessons from the medical field.

Become An Arts Admin Jedi By Mastering The Art Of Getting Things Done @Americans4Arts #ARTSBlog

If you haven’t been following it already, Americans for the Arts blog salon on arts marketing started up last week and my contribution went up on Oct 24, 2015. Regular ArtsHacker readers will notice the numerous connections with this site’s mission and that’s no mistake; titled Mastering the Art of Getting Things Done, the post focuses on the need for arts marketers, and I’d go so far as to say arts managers in general, to ease up a bit on the conceptual stuff in favor of doing more to develop specific skill sets … Read more

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